The new show season

While some people start their season in southern CA or at the Rose Cluster in OR, or even in NY at Westminster, we ordinary folk here in the Rockies kick off the show season with a 4 day cluster (five days, if you have a working group breed) in Denver, CO.

Kunga is pretty much retired, but I bring him out on rare occasions, mostly to have fun with his friends and because he just loves to show.  We’re going to show only 1 day out of 5 this time around, but all the preparation is the same. Sadly Kunga doesn’t enjoy this part of a show: getting his bath and having his nails trimmed.

In anticipation of Denver, we started a few months ago getting back into the trimming mode. We started with just clipping on a regular basis, at first every other week and then every week.  Recently we have started dremmeling, too, to get those nails somewhere close to show length. For this, we have to visit my friend Carol Volleberg, who has a dremmel and the space to get Kunga immobilized while she uses it. He hates it. What a wuss, he cries and moans even though Carol never draws blood and is very careful to keep the dremmel moving to keep it from getting too hot. Ah well, despite his groans, his nails are beginning to resemble a show dog’s!

Do we really have to go to have our nails done, Mom?

Do we really have to go to have our nails done, Mom?

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