How do the dogs know when we’re getting ready to leave town? I think it’s the suitcases.Whenever we get them out and begin filling them up, the dogs investigate.  Kunga has spilled mine over in the past, trying to get the items out. Soon they begin turning in circles every time we go in or out of the door, anxious not to be left behind.

I love to travel; I hate leaving my dogs behind.  We have a fantastic pet-sitter who lives in our house, and the dogs adore him, so I know they’re in good hands.  But somehow the day is just not the same when you don’t have that wet furry nose stuck into your ear at 5 am, helping to wake you up.

I often wonder if dogs keep track of time when we’re gone. Lucy the Bloodhound greets my husband after only a few hours as though she hasn’t seen him in days, whining and smiling and licking him all over. Kunga gets up from a nap and turns in circles when he comes to find me in the house.  Can they distinguish a day from a week, or a few weeks?

We are about to leave for 11 days, and the suitcases are half filled. Somehow we have to steel our hearts for leaving the dogs and focus on the work ahead.


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