Puppy party

What a lot of fun we had this weekend!  Our friend Kathryn Kudron hosted about a dozen people (some of whom had Dobermans, Samoyeds, and Pomeranians) to help her evaluate the 7 Great Dane pups from her bitch Gimme’s litter.

All the colored collars had been removed, so those of us who’ve seen the pups and maybe already had favorites had no color coding to go by.  Kathryn let us all play with the pups for about half an hour to assess temperament and movement (though this was kind of hard in the house), then stacked each pup on the table so we could view it from the side, front, and back.  She showed the teeth to whoever wanted to check.

These photos don’t do justice to the pups, since they were taken by a camera phone as I perched on the arm of a sofa!  But what an interesting idea to bring your friends and give them all evaluation sheets.  As each pup was presented, we were asked to evaluate various aspects of the pup–front, back, head, topline–in detail.  At the end, Kathryn totaled all the sheets.  I don’t know if it will affect her choice or ranking, but I’ll bet it will give her some different perspectives.

I think it would be pretty cool to do a little video of this process, with the breeder presenting the pup and knowledgeable people discussing what they see.  What a great way to learn!

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