2012 GDCGD Specialty

Our club put on its annual specialty last Friday, June 1, with two shows on the same day.  We had the usual difficulties trying to remember exactly how the canopies go together (though it’s easier these days thanks to Carol Volleberg’s labeling), but it was great to have the support of some of our newest and prospective members.  Good thing we keep renewing the work force by adding to the club, huh?

We had a smaller entry this year than in previous years; I wonder whether that’s the effect of the tremendously high price of gasoline, or the general economic difficulties.  The club turned out in force, though, and we got to see not only some new babies but also some of our old veterans.  It makes me feel kind of old to remember seeing those dogs showing in their primes.

Some of our club members took home rosettes in stiff competition from visitors, and we were all especially proud when one of our own, “Deuce” (CH Gilham’s Boogie Woogie Piano Man), took BISS in the afternoon. As usual, we all cheered for each other and laughed together and helped out with setup.  I was glad to hear one of our out of town competitors remark on how friendly and welcoming our club is.  What more could we ask? (Except a BISS for Kunga, who wasn’t even entered.)

Results and photos will be posted soon at our club’s web site: www.coloradogreatdanes.com.

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