Stud owner’s responsibility

The owner of a stud has it much easier than the owner of the bitch in a breeding: no puppy feedings, no ungodly hours, no poop clean-up.  Of course we miss out on the puppy breath and the joys of puppies as well.

But I wonder, what are our responsibilities as stud dog owners?  I think the first one is to be sure that a breeding is with a health-tested bitch belonging to a responsible breeder who is trying to improve the breed, not just make money.

In addition, I have an interest in those pups even if I don’t have control over them.  I sure don’t want to see them in abusive homes or in rescue.  So I include a clause in my stud contract that attempts to force the owner of the bitch to do their best by the little ones.  I don’t know how enforceable or practical it is, and I probably wouldn’t breed Kunga to someone that I thought would violate  this clause.  But for information purposes, here it is:

“Bitch Owner represents and warrants to Stud Dog Owner that this breeding is being done with the intention of producing sound animals that follow the standard according to the American Kennel Club and Great Dane Club of America.  Bitch Owner shall not sell or give any puppy from this breeding to any puppy mill, non-qualified owner (defined as any owner who has been found guilty of any animal cruelty or who has refused to sign an agreement with Bitch Owner agreeing to return the puppy to Bitch Owner if at any time the puppy owner is unwilling or unable to provide a safe and healthy home), or to any breeder or other person who has been censured, fined, or suspended by the American Kennel Club or the Great Dane Club of America for poor practices in breeding, raising, showing, or ill treatment of any animal.”

So far, I’ve been lucky, and Kunga’s puppies are all in great homes!

One of Kunga's pups

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