Vacation Plans

We are lucky to have friends who pet-sit our dogs right in our house when we leave on trips.  (Good thing, most kennels won’t take Kunga as an intact male.)  But a lot of folks have to make other plans when they take a vacation.

If you have to leave your dogs behind, here’s a new service, detailed at, which helps you locate homes in your area that will take care of your dog while you’re gone.  Prices seem to vary both by location in the country as well as how much space and how many amenities are available–you’ll pay the most to have a professional trainer with a big yard take in your dog.  Could be nicer than a kennel arrangement, depending on how much you trust people to take care of your dog.

If you’re going to bring your dog along, they can fly on their own airline! Check out, where the dogs are loaded into the main cabins of specially-equipped planes and flown around with their very own flight attendants.  The only bummer is, you have to get there on your own, you don’t get to fly with your pet.  Considering the conditions in baggage, where a lot of dogs get loaded, that may not be such a bad thing.

There’s help for you if you’re planning to bring your dog along in your car, too. A site called lets you find accommodations in each state and city that will accept dogs, rent cars that can take even big dogs, and points out places where you can take your dog hiking and walking. Lots of information broken out by location–I think this is pretty helpful for traveling show dogs, too!  I’ve found parks near show locations that I wouldn’t have known of without some of this guidance.  A similar site,, is specifically for finding hotels that will accept pets.  Again, a useful thing to know as you’re traveling to show sites and get derailed due to weather or car trouble–you can hunt through this site and find a place nearby that will take you and your dogs in.

Are we there yet?

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