Last week National Puppy Day resulted in an outbreak of adorableness on Facebook.  People posted photos of their puppies, past and present.  It was a good day, since there is almost nothing cuter than a pup.

Kunga at about 3 months

I must say, it’s always sweet to see photos of puppies, whether for puppy day or as I watch friends’ litters grow.  And I know there are people who jones for puppy breath.  But all I can think when I see these little ones is how much work lies ahead for their owners!

Whether show dog or not, puppies take a lot of time and effort to socialize, train, feed, exercise, and love on.  I never understand how people can “get the kids a dog” and actually expect that (young) kids are really going to do the work to make this animal part of the family.  I’m sure that’s the reason there are so many unhappy, lonely dogs chained outside for hours at a time; no one has the time to play or exercise them.

As for me, I like pups, but I enjoy my dogs the most when they’re grown, after about 1 year old.  Their chewing and destructiveness is mostly gone; they don’t poop in the house (except in emergencies); and they know how to behave around food, people, and on walks.  Then I can heave a sigh of relief and just enjoy them.

Kunga at about 3 years

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