The Denver cluster

Last week/weekend marked the 2012 Denver cluster of shows, the start of the dog showing season for those of here in the Rocky Mountains.  As usual, it was a gigantic show, and for once the weather wasn’t too awful.

Kunga did very well, though he didn’t win anything.  I was especially proud of him on the last day, when he stacked beautifully, moved well, and NAILED the free stack on his down-and-back.  I heard someone ringside say “wow” as Kunga came to a stop, head up, ears forward, standing over his ground like the prince that he is.  Ribbons that day didn’t mean anything to me–I still went home with the best dog! (Though I think all my friends think the same.)

Here is a quick view of some of my friends from one of the days of the competition:

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