Which Bitch?

As a newbie to the show world and to the breeding dance, I’ve been trying to figure out when and whether to breed Kunga to various bitches whose owners have contacted me for breeding information. Kunga, of course, would breed with a Chihuahua if she’d have him and he could work out the logistics.  But since I’m in charge of who he gets to “meet,” I’ve been researching and asking advice about potential partners.

In the course of all this, I’ve discovered there seem to be two distinct schools of thought when breeding a male.  One group of people believes that as long as the potential dam has been health tested, is of the right color under the GDCA Color Code of Ethics, and not being bred just for money, that it’s good to breed to her.  After all, breeding is supposed to be about improving the breed, and even if she has her faults, perhaps breeding to a decent sire will lead to improved offspring.

The people of the second school of thought say that your dog’s reputation is paramount, and it’s important to breed only to bitches that are already generally excellent in conformation and temperament. (This assumes the health testing, color, and not-solely-for-profit tests above are also met.)  That way, the pups will almost certainly be of good quality, which is needed to improve the breed, and will reflect well on your sire.

There seem to be advantages and drawbacks to both ways of thinking.  Most people I’ve spoken to have come down HARD on one side or the other.  An interesting debate, and not one that seems resolvable except as a personal decision.

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  • http://www.britlinblue.com Linda Wenham

    Well the old saying is very true,breed the best to the best and hope for the best!!!!!!!A sire cannot fix all the faults on any one particular bitch, so the less faults she has the better chance of improving the breed you have!The sire and Dam should not have the same faults.As kunga is an out cross he will not stamp his get as a line bred dog would,so I believe you should be very picky,in your choice of bitches!

  • Nikol Marsh

    Because he is an outcross, I would expect most knowledgable folks (with bitches who are health screened, shown, and part of a thoughtful breeding program) to be interested in breeding to Kunga IF the bitch is fairly tightly linebred to hold the qualities they like in her and yet need to outcross, IF both lines he is from tend to have a trait their bitch needs, or IF there are particular ancestors in common that they want to build on.
    Part of this also reflects your goals…Being picky will not hurt you or the breed in any way, whereas – IMO – not being picky could easily do both. And – ask any stud dog owner – he will get the credit and the blame for the puppies:-)