Kunga’s daddy

Kunga owes his life to Federal Express.  Since his sire lives in Australia and his dam is in Florida, USA, the delivery service for frozen semen is pretty much the only way he exists!

Kunga’s daddy is Aus. Ch. Thunderfire Law N’ Order, “Cary,” and he almost wasn’t a show dog.  He was sold by his breeder to a home that didn’t work out, and the breeder took him back.  After looking him over, Gayle decided that this boy was going to be pretty nice, and started to show him.  His puppy attitude was a bit too much in the ring the first couple of times out, but once he got the idea, he did brilliantly: a Group 1 and Runner up Best in Show from the puppy classes!  He quickly swept up his championship after that. (You can see a nice stacked picture of Cary at http://www.thunderfire.com.au/current-champions.asp.)

Cary is 8 years old now, but he still loves to show.  Sometimes Gayle takes him out just for fun; the last time she did that, a few months ago at a specialty show, he won  “best head.”  What a guy.  What a tough act for my boy to follow!

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