Talking to the dogs

Just spent more than 3 weeks alone with the dogs while the Wise Man was out of town.  I worry about becoming one of those crazy people who chatter away to their animals all the time, but I swear my dogs get it when I talk to them.

I’m not referring to commands, I certainly hope the dogs understand those.  I mean random times when I express pain or frustration or surprise, say something, and have the dogs look at me in apparent comprehension.  Kunga will sometimes “talk back” with a sort of yawn/howl, especially if he’s worried about me.  Lucy will always jump when I express surprise.  Obviously they’re responding to the emotion and energy in my voice rather than the words (though they do know a lot of words like “dinner” and “out”), but it sure seems like they’re good company when they’re “listening.”

Oh, and they express themselves pretty clearly, too–can’t you tell what Kunga is saying to the Wise Man here?

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