No Dog Presents

We love our dogs.  We feed them the best food we can, we walk them even when it’s miserable outdoors, we put up with gallons of slobber.  But we don’t buy them Christmas presents.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against dog presents. Or against those wonderful things we buy for our dogs that are really for ourselves.  It’s a multi-zillion dollar industry that probably provides some jobs.  (I wonder how many are in China, though.)  We just don’t add dog shopping to all the other busy work of the season.

A few years ago we did get some Christmas collars, red and white fuzzy things with bells on them that both dogs detested.  They sat still for about 3 photos and then declined further time with the paparazzi.

Yes, they’ll probably get bones on Christmas, but then they get bones every week.  Other than that, they’re pretty much out of luck on the gift side of things.

But one thing we do for them on Christmas that’s special is to spend even more time with them. We’ll probably toss the toys around the yard for longer (if it’s not sleeting or zero degrees); we’ll take them for longer walks than usual.  Maybe Wise Man will even put up with them hanging around the kitchen while he’s trying to cook.  I think this is the only thing they really care about anyway.

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