Kennel plaque

At our annual Great Dane Club December meeting we hand out awards to those whose dogs have titled during the year.  Kunga finished his championship this year, so we were the proud recipients of a new plaque:

There’s what we in the club officially dub a “hangy thingy” at the bottom, which has the name of the dog and titles earned.  Hard to read this one but it says “AKC & IABCA Ch Della’s Pro Bono:

You’ll notice the hardware at the bottom.  That’s for adding new “hangy thingys” for new titles or new dogs (!).

We decided on “Kalapa” as our kennel name because it connects us to our Tibetan Buddhist practice.  The Tibetans talk of a place called “Shambhala,” a place of spiritual retreat and protection, where it’s said that teachings are stored and treasured.  Kalapa is its capital, envisioned as a beautiful city with sandalwood pleasure groves and open parks.  Somehow it sounds like a perfect place for our beloved dogs.

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  • Cindy

    What a neat plaque! I love the kennel name! Great Job Kunga and Alxe !