When I first took Kunga into to a show, I was thankful that (1) he didn’t eat a Chihuahua;  and (2) I didn’t trip over him in the ring.  So far neither calamity has ever come to pass.  But as I think over his show career, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for.

I’m glad I had great mentors in the breed.  The members of the Great Dane Club of Greater Denver are supportive, encouraging, and welcoming.  If they hadn’t been, I probably would never have thought of getting into showing.  When I’m depressed about some of the nastiness that goes around the show world, I remember them again and give thanks that they’re a pretty fine group of people.

Here’s my friend Carol Volleberg with Kunga:

The Wise Man who shares my life enjoys our dogs but has no patience for shows.  Yet he is pleased when Kunga wins and consoling when he loses and doesn’t make me feel guilty for being away a lot of weekends during show season.  He is the most amazing human I know.  Here’s WM with Lucy, our Bloodhound:

There’s no way to go back and give them pets and hugs, but I’m grateful to all the dogs, including Danes, that I had before Kunga.  Every single one of them taught me something and they all managed to put up with my ignorance and impatience and give back only love and affection.  Kipper showed me how to calm down a crazy dog.  Tucker showed me what wobbler’s and bloat look like (and survived both). I guess it doesn’t count to be happy they were in my life in retrospect, which makes me even more intent on loving up the dogs I have with me today.

It’s a week for gratitude, so I’m going to hug my pets and voice my thanks to the people in my life who have taught me something or helped me in some way.  My little secret is some fresh liver for the dogs, which is “thanks” in their language.

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