Nationals 2011

Off to the Great Dane Nationals today!  Every year the Great Dane Club of America puts on a specialty show for Great Danes only, and this year the venue is in Phoenix, AZ, close enough for me to drive there.

What do you do to get ready?  When you know many of the top dogs in the country will be there?  First, you get excited!  As soon as I knew I’d be able to go this year–months ago–I was pretty stoked to get to see some of these fantastic dogs.

Second, you get your dog ready.  Kunga has had his nails clipped extra short the last month even though he’s not showing, so by the time we get to Arizona he’ll look as fancy as possible.  Happily grooming him is pretty elementary: warm water all over and some whisker trimming, which I’ll do once I get there.

Third, you run around like a lunatic at the last possible moment to do everything else!  There’s food to buy, clothes to clean and pack, a costume for the Halloween party, all the show gear to get out, check, dust off, and pack in the van.  All this stuff has to fit in there somewhere, and there has to be room for the dog!

I’m looking forward to meeting new friends, putting faces to names I only know from FaceBook, and standing proudly with my big blue boy in that ring with 122 of the best champions in this country.  You can bet I’ll be grinning then!


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