7 Habits of Highly Effective Show Dogs (#5)

The fifth habit is similar to the fourth: dogs have to be able to cope with other dogs. Obviously dog shows are filled with dogs, most not neutered or spayed, and many that will challenge one another in the grooming or exercise areas. Kunga likes little dogs but doesn’t much like other large dogs, including Danes. Until he was about two, he mixed well with all the dogs that showed up ringside, sniffing and friendly. But once he reached his sexual maturity—and after his first live cover—he became much less friendly to other dogs. This is an ongoing difficulty ringside, and means that I usually wait some distance away while the other dogs take their turns. (Kunga has never been belligerent inside the ring, even standing flank to shoulder with a dozen other dogs and bitches crowding into a corner waiting their turns for examination.)  But a dog that likes other dogs and is at ease around them will be a happier and more effective show dog.

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