When I first got interested in showing Kunga, I had never even been to a dog show!  I knew nothing about conformation, about the ring, or about handling.  I was incredibly fortunate to find the Great Dane Club of Greater Denver and its amazing members, and to meet with some knowledgeable people in other places, all of whom have taught me everything I know.  (Which is surprisingly little, even now.  It’s daunting to realize how much there is to learn.)

From the beginning, I had Kunga’s breeder, Cindy, who was the first and least surprising advocate for showing Kunga.  Then Kathryn Kudron assessed my blue boy at the awkward age of 5 1/2 months, saw a little something promising in him, and has encouraged me and helped me ever since.  Carol and Don Volleburg taught me about handling, and other GDCGD members have thrown useful hints my way as I’ve stumbled around as a newbie.  Linda Cain taught me how to deal with an excitable adolescent dog; Mari-Lynn Davisson gave me an understanding of positive ring attitude.

No one enters a show ring by themselves: behind them are the mentors and supporters and friends and family that made it possible to be there.  It’s humbling to remember and important to pass along this kind of generosity of spirit in our sport.

(Here’s my friend Kathryn with her veteran champion, Fox)

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  • Kathryn

    Love my Fox 🙂 I hope that shows in this picture 🙂