Show dogs are pets

Some people don’t realize our show dogs are our beloved pets first and foremost!

Here’s my boy in his “Super Dog” pose, hoping for dinner soon.

Some show dogs live with their handlers for months (or even years) on end, but even those dogs get love and attention and fun.

Almost everyone in the show world that I know is in it because they love their dogs.  Go to a grooming area and just ask about their breed: you’ll probably learn more than you could possibly want to know, just because people love to talk about their dogs!

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  • chris

    How old is kunga in this photo?

    It is so great to hear about happy, well loved and cared-for dogs. Too often in the news we hear about animal hoarding and cruelty. It’s good to hear that show dogs aren’t treated like we hear about how young girls can be treated in beauty pageants for example.

  • Kelley

    So true! I have 2 show Danes and 2 “pet” Danes. They are all treated and loved equally! They all have a job. It’s just that the show job is a little more involved at certain times. As a working breed, our Danes need a job no matter what it is! We love bonding and sharing our dogs in and out of the ring. A good show dog loves what they do and can’t wait for the next show! If they don’t enjoy it, they don’t show well. I don’t think most outsiders understand that. It’s all a big game for them (and us)!