Breeding Heartaches

Kunga is a daddy again: 14 pups born by C-section.  The breeder thought two pups looked weak and small, and in fact they didn’t last the first night despite heroic supplemental feedings and care.  But we expected to lose a few from such a giant litter; the others were healthy and we were excited to see all those little blue faces.

Sadly, the bitch is a first-time mother and she has been nervous about the whole experience.  She took a long time to nurse and wasn’t very careful about moving around in the whelping box.  Despite constant monitoring, the result has been that she crushed six pups with her large body weight by accidentally lying down on them.  Heartbreaking for us all, but especially for the breeder.  The work and expense of the A.I., the pre-natal care, and the surgery–and one inexperienced mother can undermine it.  Breeding is an expensive enterprise, with uncertain results.  We forget how sad it can be, too.

The dam has settled down now and seems to be able to keep track of her remaining pups much better.  Fingers crossed that these 6 grow up to be healthy, handsome dogs!

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