We lose a LOT when we show.  It sucks every time.  But when we’re losing, someone else is winning, and I think it takes some of the sting out if we can be glad for that person and their dog.

At a recent show in Laramie, WY, the weather was dire (cold, rain, wind–it’s ALWAYS windy in Laramie) and the grooming areas were less than ideal.  Kunga lost Best of Breed both days (though he did get Select Dog both days too).  But a friend from our Denver club finished the young harlequin dog he has been campaigning.  Finishing a championship is exhilarating, and it’s sure fun to be there when the whooping and hollering takes place. There is hugging and jumping involved as well.

Our friendships and pleasure in each other could outweigh the loss on any given day, if we let them.  Turn around the losing and you see the shiny side of showing: the winning. I’m trying to learn to rejoice in that no matter who walks away with the purple and gold ribbon.

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