Great Dane Specialty

The Great Dane Club of Greater Denver pulled it off again: a fantastic specialty day of two shows, including puppies and veterans!  We had a great turn-out, 3 and 4 point majors in both bitches and dogs.  The big dogs came out, too: we had 3 top-ten dogs and one top-twenty dog standing in line in the Best of Breed class.  There were some pretty girls as well, who gave the boys a run for the ribbons. As usual, the whole crowd cheered when the veterans went around, and it was good to see all those doggie faces we’ve been missing in the ring since they retired.

Kunga didn’t win anything at our specialty this time–it would have taken a pretty ballsy judge to put up a natural-eared blue shown by a local owner-handler over all the big names and famous dogs.  But I was certainly proud of my big boy, who showed well in the second of the two shows and minded his manners in the ring despite the huge mass of dogs crowding into the small available shade.

I wonder, what if we had a pool of dogs entered and all the handlers drew a number and got a random dog to show?  Would the judges still be inclined to pick the same dogs?  It would be interesting to have some of those big names stacking Kunga and trying to present those lovely long floppy ears.

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