Kunga’s international title arrives

Wow, 10 months after the shows and submitting paperwork, the title certificate for Kunga’s IABCA championship has finally arrived!

For those who don’t know about these competitions, they’re run by an outfit that puts on four weekend shows, two per day, during which at least one non-American judge will view your dog.  If the dog receives the highest category of award in at least 3 of the shows, you get this title, without regard to whether the dog has beaten any other dogs competing.  For we Americans, it gives us the chance to taste a little bit of the international approach to judging, where the judge provides a written evaluation of your dog after each class (not in the group judging, though), which can help a novice to assess the stronger and weaker points of a dog’s conformation.  These shows are very low key, and generally a good way for a young dog to get more experience in the ring as well as earn an “international” championship title.  Visit www.iabca.com for more information and a show calendar.

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  • http://www.delladanes.com Cindy Davis

    He is actually Am/Int’l Ch Della’s Pro Bono 🙂