Our insurance agent told us that Boulder is the city in Colorado most at risk from flooding.  This year our snowpack in the mountains is at 247% of normal, and we’ve had weeks of on and off rain down here in the foothills.  Pretty soon those two factors are going to combine, and the risk of flooding is real.

If we had to evacuate, we’re sunk.  Where do you go with two BIG dogs?  Most temporary shelters set up for emergencies won’t allow pets and I’d hate to see them in cages at a shelter.  That’s what happened to many people when the wildfires struck the mountains this spring: they had to board their animals at the Humane Society.

So I’m putting together an emergency kit just for the dogs: we have extra bags of food, and we could get their beds and bowls into the car quickly.  Not sure what to do about crates: they’re heavy and difficult to move around and take up a lot of space in our van, so those might be left behind.  I think we’d just have to find a place for us and park the van nearby and let the dogs stay in it.  Not an ideal solution!  We’d be glad to hear from anyone else about their emergency plans: what do you do with your dogs?

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