Dog Show Mystery Books

I enjoy reading mysteries, and was delighted to find there are a few set in the dog show world.  The only series I’ve found that involves the show world in every book is that by Laurien Berenson, whose protagonist shows standard poodles.  Most of the actual dog show stuff in the books is pretty realistic (especially her descriptions of the appalling food), though it’s not the heart of any of the books.  I learned enough about poodle grooming to be glad that I show Great Danes.

There’s a “dog walker” series by Judi McCoy that has a heroine who telepathically connects with her dogs: kind of silly but fun.  One of them (“Death in Show”) involves the dog walker in a dog show when a handler is killed.  It’s pretty lightweight but easy reading.

There’s even a dog show mystery by someone from my state of Colorado: Ellen O’Connell’s “Rottweiler Rescue.”  The rescuer takes a rottie to a new adoptive home, only to find the owner has just been killed.  Since the owner was in the world of dog shows, the protagonist gets drawn into shows to find the killer.   There’s plenty in the book about the nastiness between handlers and the conflicts in the ring, but also an appreciation of the beauty of the dogs and the fondness for them by their owners.

Hum, maybe we need a mystery involving Great Danes…who slobbered on the top of the fridge?

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