So Much Merchandise, So Little Time…

We dog people are great shoppers.  I never cease to be amazed at the crazy things we shell out for: special shampoos, fancy combs, doggie treadmills, a gazillion toys.

One of the most fun things I’ve bought recently wasn’t for Kunga, it was for me (and his breeder): a special portrait session.  The Winning Image is a vendor that sets up at shows and offers sittings for your dog, with our without you in the picture.  You can spend a bundle, but it’s sure nice having a great photo of your dog to show for it afterward.  Of course you can use these pictures in ads—if you buy the rights—but mostly it’s nice to have a great memory of your baby.  Now I think I have to bring my Bloodhound to these people and get a good shot of my girl!

Here’s how one of those photos of Kunga came out:

Photo credit: copyright 2011 The Winning

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  • Cindy Davis

    Love this photo Alxe!!!!